Cut my body rip my heart out//

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So it begins//

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I wanted to draw a wizard boy based in the anime Sugar Sugar Rune. I tried to make it look somewhat like the style, though not completely. Mostly the eyes. 
Anyway this is [black] Licorice Pas-bon, and his scottie dog familiar, Alucard.
Black licorice + vampire wizard?


when ppl reblog ur art and write nice things in the tags


I haven’t been in a school setting for such a long time that I forgot how to talk to new people.

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I’m trying to get so much art done before school gets to me// Smoochies
A stress free doodle of what I want to have/wear in the future -probs near future-
I would love to have lavender hair, a monroe and a nose piercing, and to start wearing those cute leather garters, and chokers// And to have nice eyebrows geez
August  25 18

I failed my driver’s test and basically felt like crap when I get a text that my bun had 8 babies! And I got a $20 tip/ I’m a bunny grandma!

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Super Sonico is giving me so much life/ I need like 12 figures pls and thank you///

Everytime I go to edit photos I get distracted OTL//


some sugilite doodles from this morning