Today at work one of my regulars, who went out of town, came in and brought me a -huge- mug with the Colorado mountains printed on it// It’s such a nice mug and I found it really nice that he thought about me to actually get me something.

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I’ve been trying to do doodles everyday//
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I’m gonna draw a bust of Chocolat next kinda like Vanilla’s so I can put them side by side and hang them on my wall//

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lachelleybee whispered: I LOVE YOOOOOU.

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Vani Rune!//
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Finally contributing to the SSR tag///
I really wanted to post the lineart bc I think it looks so good!
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I love Vanilla from Sugar Sugar Rune bc she’s optimistic and truly cares for Chocolat and everyone else’s well being. She always puts other people first even though she was teased about her kindness. -Of course Chocolat didn’t let that last for long-/// She’s a sweetheart and I know a lot of people don’t like her but she’s such an emotionally strong character and has influenced me a lot

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you know, i wasnt going to make a transformers print, but then i saw otakon was having a transformers panel and that was basically all the reason i needed

mistressofheartbreak whispered: noot noot

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"Hey Sahlee, don’t you think that bikini is too small??"
"The only thing that’s small here is my beer bottle, ya feel me"
I’ve been wanting to draw a girl with lavender hair for a while now and Sahlee’s also been floating around so I put them together and it’s perfect//
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